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The Climate Change Alliance Program offers citizens and companies the opportunity to commemorate or celebrate a special moment through the planting of a native tree.


Do you know why trees are the best gift?


-They decrease pollution.     

-They trap CO2 and produce oxygen.      

-They Cool the environment.      

-They are small ecosystems.      

-They are a source of food and a wildlife refuge.      

-They make a difference in droughts and floods.      

-They increase groundwater for our supply.  

-They Protect the soil.


They also do not need batteries to recharge themSELVES


GIVE A TREE ... GIVE LIFE for only $ 20 USD


By volume (from 20 trees) each one costs $17 USD


Buy a small tree and dedicate it to someone.


The purchase includes:     

-Planting and maintenance of a native tree for three years.     

-A gift certificate.   

-GPS and specific information about the sponsored tree, which includes:


-The tree species.      

-Farm where it was planted.            


-Google Maps location and GPS coordinates.


You can see several examples of planted trees . 


How to give a tree?

1. ​Payment Information:


Bank Accounts:




Account of the Bank of Costa Rica in dollars:

Account # 001-293672-0

IBAN Account # CR51015201001029367209


Account of the Bank of Costa Rica in colones:

Account # 001-293671-2

IBAN Account # CR61015201001029367126

Legal ID: 3-006-599552



Or you can make your payment through PayPal:












2. Once the payment is ready, please complete the form to have the certificate details.

We need you to fill out our form in order to send you the certificate and the link with the tree detail.

Here is the Online Purchase Form or you can download it here and send it to the mail:


In a period of 2 days we will be sending the gift certificate and in maximum 10 days you will receive the link to see the tree information on the website's platform.


In this link you will see some videos of restored farms in the biological corridor Tenorio-Miravalles, Bijagua de Upala, Costa Rica.

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